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The webapp is a browser application. Accordingly, it is very adaptable and runs on computer, mobile phone, tablet etc. at the same time. The main thing is that there is an internet connection and a browser.It forms an ingenious alternative to the native app, as they run on browsers independently of operating systems and devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.).


These are actually the more positive moments with our smartphone: it makes your work easier, shortens elaborate processes, saves effort and material ... that's the basic idea behind our applications.

Native App

Native apps are actually small programmes for smartphones and smart devices. They generally run on IOS, ANDROID etc. We have also specialised in the development of this type of applications. APPs are more accessible and handy for users, especially if they use the application frequently.

Snowkids - Learnapp

The Snowkids learning app was developed for the lessons of ski instructors in South Tyrol. It contains about 400 exercises and descriptions. Many of them have a video playback.In the meantime, there is also the Nordic version for cross-country skiing instructors.

MeldDI - Registrations APP

The user application of the MelDI registration system can also be created in the form of a native APP. This means that the restaurant, the party location or the event has its own APP. The administration remains in a WebAPP.

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